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Bagian ini menjelaskan data pribadi saya. Tidak bermaksud menyombongkan diri, tapi semata-mata untuk lebih mendekatkan diri kepada pengunjung web ini. Barangkali ada sesuatu yang bisa dikerjasamakan dikemudian hari setelah melihat curriculum vitae saya ini.

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Jul 26, 2004
Siapa Hartono Rakiman?

Inilah penulis buku, "Mabuk Dolar di Kapal Pesiar."
NAME:  Hartono Rakiman
E-MAIL:  mashar67@yahoo.com
SKILL:  Computer literate
HOBBY:  Traveling, writing, reading, painting
LANGUAGE:  Indonesian, English
1987 1992: Gadjah Mada University, Faculty of Social and Political Science, International Relations Department, Yogyakarta
1984 1987: Public Senior High School of SMA V, Surakarta
1981 1984: Catholic Junior High School of "Bintang Laut", Surakarta
1975 1981: Public Elementary School of Jatisobo I, Karanganyar, Surakarta
2002: Training of Negotiation's Technique in Business, Prasetya Mulya Business School, Jakarta, certificate
2002: Trainer's Training, PPM, Jakarta, certificate
2001: Training Effectiveness Evaluation, PQM, Jakarta, Certificate
Trainer Manager Course, under coordination of the State Secretariat of RI SPSB (Singapore Productivity and Standard Board), Jakarta, Certificate
1999: TOT in Marketing, Swisscontact Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Certificate
1999: TOT, YIS, Solo, Certificate
1997: Customer Service Excellent and How to Handle Complaint Professionally, Jakarta, Certificate
1996: Intensive English Course for Special Purposes, under coordination of the Cabinet Secretariat of RI the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Government of Singapore, Singapore, Certificate
1996: English Speaking Guide Course (Junior Level), Jakarta, Certificate
1993: Dining Room Steward Course for Holland America Line Cruise Ship, Bali, Certificate
1992: One Year Educational Program in Hotel and Tourism, Surakarta, Certificate
1992: Short Course of Public Relations, Yogyakarta, Certificate
1984: English Course for Children, Surakarta, Certificate
2006-2007: Desa Siaga training for provincial and district health officers in 6 provinces of Indonesia.
2003: Training of facilitator of PDPP (Program Dasar  Pembangunan Partisipatif) PERFORM Project, in Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung and  Semarang.
1998-2002:  Training of Trainer, Training of Management Community Self-Reliance for Field Worker, Exposure Training on Strengthening Economic Community through Small Business, Management of Self-help Group, Participative evaluation with CIPP (Context, Input, Process and Product) approach.
2002:  Training of Village Health Cadre for Prevention and eradication of Malaria, held in Kebumen. Requested by Plan International Program Unit Kebumen.
1999: Training Mediation for Socialization and Dissemination, held in Balikpapan. Requested by  the Coastal Resource Management Project BAPPENAS USAID.
1999: Training of Facilitating Meeting Effectively and Participatively, held in Mataram and Makasar. Requested by Plan International,  Head Office - Surabaya.
1999: Training for Kelurahan Facilitator of Urban Poverty Project, held in Solo. Requested by  BAPPENAS.
1999: Training of Management Community Self-Reliance for Field Worker, held in Solo. Requested by Yayasan Berita Hidup, Solo.
1999: Training for Small Business Management, held in Mataram and Kupang. Requested by  IASTP -  AusAID, Eastern Islands.
1998: Exposure Training on Participation Development Enhancement of Community Self-Reliance, the participants come from some developing countries.  The training conducted by NGO YIS cooperation with the Cabinet Secretariat of Republic of Indonesia
1997: Study Trip of Rural Finance System in Indonesia with the participants from CIDSE Vietnam Based Office, conducted by NGO Bina Swadaya, Jakarta and Yogyakarta
1997: Exposure Training for Policy Makers on Linking Bank with Self-Help Group, the participants come from some developing countries, conducted by NGO Bina Swadaya, Jakarta and Yogyakarta
1995: Exposure Training on Community Based Forestry Program, the participants come from some developing countries.  Coordination between Cabinet Secretariat of Republic of Indonesia with NGO Bina Swadaya 
1995: Study Trip of Self-Help Group of Bina Swadaya in Indonesia, the participants come from People to People Aid Movement (NGO P2P), Japan
1995: Study Trip on Solidarity with Indonesian Rural Farmers in Central Java, the participant from Japanese Allied Chemical Union, Japan. 
1995: Study Trip on Environmental Management, participants from Waseda University in Sumatra, the member of Otsuka Seminar, Japan
1995: Study Trip on Indonesia NGOs Movement in Indonesia, the participant from Global People's Exchange Foundation: EARTHIAN, Japan
1995: Income Generating and Self-Help Group in Java-Bali, the participant from Sichuan Provincial Department of Animal Husbandry and Foodstuff, China, coordination between UNDP Bangkok and Bina Swadaya
1988: Seminar of Indonesia Australia Relationship, Yogyakarta.

2002: Training need analysis for malaria program, requested by PLAN International PU Kebumen
2001: Training need analysis for Village leaders in Sragen District, Central Java.
2003: Workshop of  empowerment of university role ini participatory planning, Jakarta, PERFORM Project - Ministry of Home Affairs
2003: Workshop of Regional Participatory Planning Forum (Rakorbang), Jakarta, PERFORM Project Ministry of Home Affairs
2002: Seminar of "Education and Gender Equity" YIS, Solo
2000: Workshop of KKG Project, Public Health Department of RI, Cisarua, Bogor
2000: Workshop of the preparation on decentralization for local government units, Yogyakarta.
1996: Seminar of Product and Marketing of Ecotourism, Bali
1996: Seminar of Principle and Concept of Ecotourism, Bogor
2005-2007: Community development approach for health program - HSP-USAID
2002  2003:  A series of Module of Participatory Planning for PDPP (Basic Program for Participatory  Development) PERFORM Project product, Jakarta
2001 2002: A series of Module of  Community Development Management for Field Worker YIS  product, Solo
2001 2002: A series of Module of TOT YIS product, Solo
1999: Translation of module of TOT in Marketing SWISSCONTACT  product, Jakarta
2009-present: Technicl Advisor of Community Mobilization for  USAID health projects.
2005-2009: Community mobilization Training Supervisor for HSP-USAID
2003 2005: Media and Training Management Assistant of PERFORM Project. PERFORM Project is one of the project under the agreement between USAID the Government of Indonesia in dealing with decentralization in the six provinces, Jakarta.
2002 2003: Module Development Specialist of PERFORM Project.
1998 2002: Program Staff of Community Based Training Division of Yayasan Indonesia Sejahtera (YIS), Solo
1997 1998: Inbound Ecotourism Manager for Alternative Tourism Division of NGO Bina Swadaya, Jakarta
1995 1997: Inbound Tour Operation Staff for Alternative Tourism Division of NGO Bina Swadaya, Jakarta
1993 1994: Waiter for Holland America Line Cruise Ship, USA-Canada-Asia-Australia-Latin America-South Pacific countries
1987 1990: English Speaking Free-lance Guide, Yogyakarta.

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